Alsanet is Back

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Alsanet – Public Marketing Network

Alsanet recently complete a major upgrade for a Georgia public online business system. Using reliable GNU/Linux servers, all workstations (about 4500 users) are granted access from a reliable OpenLDAP marketing database. The complete installation includes web servers and e-mail services, content filters, and central authentication for Windows© workstation users. The ability to add workstations that use GNU/Linux, MacOS or other operating systems to authenticate using the same database is built in. All systems are using the affordable and efficient GNU/Linux operating system.

All staff and students continue to use systems that are familiar to them. Students need not have any new training, and staff members are able to enjoy the flexible nature of the open source system. Because the software is Free, additional funds are available for classrooms and students.

Open Source Managed Networks – Service and Support

Being certain that your organization is successful requires dependable data management. E-mail, web access, and network security are critical services. They help build the foundation for your organization to thrive. Alsanet helps to insure that these services are delivered in a well designed and reliable way.

At Alsanet, we assist organizations with small to medium sized networks – organizations with up to about 2500 workstations. Our current clients include ISP’s, school systems, municipalities, and businesses with single or multiple locations. Alsanet specializes in open source products for highly reliable network packages that are affordable and flexible. Web and mail servers, firewalls, content filters and LAN access management are all available from our expert staff of network administrators and consultants. Most of our clients already have some IT staff onsite, we strive to support existing personnel and help them to be more effective with tools that may be unfamiliar.